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About Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil was established by chiropractor James Slade at the end of 2010. Whilst working in the healthcare industry, James became frustrated at the number of low quality omega 3 supplements available on the market, and the high retail costs accompanying them.

And so, James set out to create a product that would provide only the very best and highest quality omega 3 supplements at a competitive price.

And he succeeded.

Nordic Oil is a premium quality omega 3 fish oil, derived from carefully selected fish sources from deep and clear waters, including cold-water anchovies, herring and sardines. Triple filtered, infused with anti-oxidants (to ensure maximum purity and freshness) and with no artificial colours or flavouring - you can be rest assured that you are getting the very best on the market.

James says,

“I believe that our products are the best, and that’s why I trademarked the name. So when you see the Nordic Oil trademark on a supplement, you know that only the best and highest quality ingredients and standards have gone into producing it.”

In his spare time James is a keen triathlete and leads an active lifestyle. In 2013 James completed IRONMAN UK. He regularly takes part in local triathlons throughout the summer. In winter James can be found poolside early mornings, helping swimmers to work on their technique. Please feel free to contact James, he would love to hear from you -